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3 Ways To Help Your Child Have Great Oral Health

You want the best for your son or daughter. From the clothes your children wear and the food they eat to the schools your children attend and the places they play, you want your little ones to be safe, happy, and fulfilled in life. Naturally, your care for your children's well-being extends to their oral health. Dentistry for children is important for growing healthy teeth. Keep these important tips in mind as you teach your kids about oral hygiene.

1. Visiting the Dentist Is Necessary

The most important thing you can do to instill good oral health in your child is to take him or her to the dentist in North Ogden on a regular basis. A pediatric dentist will ensure your child's teeth are growing normally, perform a professional cleaning, and ensure your son or daughter is practicing oral health well.

2. Brushing Daily Is Essential

Add oral hygiene to your children's routine from an early age. As soon as he or she has a tooth, it is time to begin the child's routine of brushing twice per day. Use a tiny smear (about the size of a grain of rice) of toothpaste when you first begin practicing this habit. When children are old enough for preschool, they are also old enough to use a pea-size amount of toothpaste. Use a fluoride product to prevent cavities, and supervise the children as they brush, rinse, and spit. Supervision is important because a child cannot properly brush until 6-8 years old. Remember to have your children reach all the surfaces of their teeth, including the sides and the backs.

3. Avoid Eating Too Much Sugar

Kids (and plenty of adults, too) love sugary treats, but sugary treats do not love little teeth. Diet plays a huge role in dental health, even at a young age. To ensure your children's teeth are strong and healthy, not to mention keeping their bodies healthier overall, avoid too many sugars. The more often your child is exposed to sugar, the more likely he or she may develop cavities. This is especially true of stickier sugars, such as gum, caramels, or dried fruit. For the best results, brush teeth directly after allowing your child to eat something with a lot of sugar in it.

When seeking someone to provide pediatric dentistry, look for a professional who is experienced at providing care for children. Wangsgard Family Dental serves Ogden, Utah, and is an excellent dentist to meet your child's needs.

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