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Why You Need to Drink More Water to Protect Your Teeth

Protecting your teeth takes more than just brushing, flossing and regular cleanings at Ogden Family Dental. It takes being aware of what you eat and drink every day to ensure that your beautiful, healthy smile stays that way.

It’s a Natural Cavity Fighter

Fluoride is a mineral with a superpower: it fights cavities. For 70 years, additional fluoride has been added to naturally occurring fluoride in tap water in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that fluoride in the mouth can make teeth stronger and prevent cavities all day. As your dentist North Ogden has told you, fluoridated water reduces tooth decay by 25% in children and adults.

It Rinses Cavity Causing Bacteria Away

Drinking water is a healthy choice for so many reasons. When we eat healthy food but wash it down with sugary and acidic carbonated drinks, we are undermining our efforts to treat our bodies well. The acid weakens enamel, giving an advantage to the bacteria that feed off the sugar to create cavities. When we drink water, it washes away sugars and food particles and dilutes the acids that contribute to tooth decay.

It Keeps the Mouth Moist

At Family Dental Ogden Utah, we’ve seen the damage that a dry mouth can cause. Ulcers, cracking, persistent sore throat and tooth decay are just a few examples. Saliva naturally helps keep our gums moist and tight to hold our teeth securely, and it also keeps teeth washed with fluoride, calcium and phosphate to protect against decay. When you don’t drink enough water, you don’t produce enough saliva, leaving yourself open to cavities and other problems.

It’s Sugar and Calorie-Free

Besides being easily accessible, inexpensive and good for your whole body, water is naturally sugar and calorie-free. It makes it perfect for any diet or meal plan, and you can have as much as you’d like without worrying that it will cause weight gain. In fact, water has been shown to contribute to weight loss and weight maintenance.

For questions about how to keep your teeth healthy, contact Wangsgard Family Dental, your local family dentist in North Ogden, today.

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